City sectors management

City sectors management
Allows you to divide the city into geographical zones as you need and to organize the routes of drivers. You will choose taxi parking places in the sector, from where the cars should come to fulfill an order. Or the cars for order can be selected according to the algorithm – in this case the nearest car will take the order.

How do geographical zones work?


After receiving the pick-up point from the client, the driver leaves for the address. He puts himself in the queue in the sector where he takes the passenger.


While the order is being executed, he moves forward in the queue. For example, a driver is at number 23 in the queue; he drove into the sector for 15 minutes. During this time, he rose to number 7 in the queue.


Settings allow to assign an order to the driver only after he crosses the sector border. The driver can also see orders in the sector on the way since he is already standing in the queue. GPS taximeter indicates is the car-free or not.


When the taximeter is on, the driver rating for receiving the order decreases. But, if he is alone in the queue, then he can accept this order only after crossing the border of the sector.


You yourself create the required number of districts / sectors and distribute the logic of work according to the algorithms that you need. For example, you can fix the car in a sector for the entire shift of the driver. If the driver leaves the sector, then the color of his car on the map will be changed. This way you will learn, that the driver does not work in his sector, which affects his priority in the distribution of orders. His rating will be lower than that of those fixed in the sector


You can also fix the driver to work in a specific zone. If he leaves its limits - the car on the map is highlighted in red.


You can also serve several cities within the same Central and attach the client to the desired sector-city. The system will automatically recognize which city the customer is calling from.

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