While developing the UTC ecosystem, we sought to give it qualities such as flexibility and versatility.

Moreover, we set ourselves the task of creating such a system that could adapt to your requirements.

We saw a way out in creating a universal business environment, with a full cycle of business operations in the field of smart transport solutions.

We responsibly declare: the UTC ecosystem is more than just a taxi service!

What do we mean by saying that?

A whole environment for interaction of the cars with a single center.

The system can operate not only in your city, but throughout Europe.

We can work not only with taxis, but also cargo transport, municipal services (from Emergency to road services), passenger transportation within and between cities, delivery services.

All this in a single ecosystem, in a single interface

At a single price, which is lower than by our competitors.


The principle which we were guided by when developing our software package is the Minimum action - Maximum effect. We tried to simplify the operation as much as possible, without losing functionality. This applies to all: dispatcher program, client and driver apps. 

The logic of the actions of the dispatcher can be reduced to the following actions:

Receiving a call.

Receiving a call.

Assigning of the order

Assigning of the order

Order fulfillment control

Order fulfillment control

Filling out of a profile

Filling out of a profile

All this is done with a few keys, and saving data and generating reports is done in semi-automatic mode.

The logic of the driver’s actions is even simpler:

To see orders

To see orders

To choose one among available

To choose one among available

To inform that he arrived / is delayed

To inform that he arrived / is delayed

To fulfill the order

To fulfill the order

To receive payment and rate the customer

To receive payment and rate the customer

All these actions are programmed on separate buttons. Pressing each button performs the corresponding action. All keys are signed by their actions.

By simply switching between screens, the driver can receive information about orders, other cars in the sector, travel information, financial information (including money earned), as well as statistics.

All these features are implemented in UTC-Software based on the following idea: Mathematical solutions in the service of people.


The Mathematics which you haven't ever seen before.

Is there a river in the route, and is there a traffic jam on the bridge?

Is there a river in the route, and is there a traffic jam on the bridge?

Using UTC-Telematika, the driver will know about it in advance. The system takes into account obstacles and paves a more optimal route. The river, railway, parks, one-way streets and traffic jams - all these and many other factors are taken into account in our software solutions.


Do you have 20 cars in your service? Or 2 thousand? It does not matter.

The program will choose the optimal car in just 0.0001 sec. Searching for cars is carried out exclusively through the streets of the city, using our internal cartography.
In a matter of seconds, the program will calculate the most suitable car using 54 algorithms and 100 ranking options.
For example, when ordering a taxi, the system will select the first car in the queue.

If there is none, it will choose a car for which it can build the shortest route. Your client will know the time of the car arrival exactly, and the driver will be confident in the honesty and transparency of the algorithm.

Automatic informing using a robot

Such a solution saves time, and therefore money.

Such a solution saves time, and therefore money.

When the driver is at a distance of 400 meters from the client, he presses the “On the spot” key. The signal is transmitted to the robot and it informs the client about the arrival of the car, indicates its model, number, color and offers to leave his house.

Simplification of work. Automation of routine operations.

The capabilities of the ecosystem make it possible to automate a number of operations which were previously performed by a human-dispatcher or driver and which built barriers in being productive in the main activity: receiving, processing and fulfilling an order.

With applications from UTC-Software you can:

Optimize the work shift of the driver, which will allow him to fulfill more orders.

Give confidence and a huge choice for passengers. Reduce the number of dispatchers

Be in touch with drivers even in areas with poor Internet coverage

Be offered more profitable and faster routes.

Reduce the use of paper for the printer or fuel consumption in the car, and therefore - make your business environmentally friendly.

Previously, accounting was understood as:

Tons of important but unnecessary pieces of paper.

Thousands of reports that needed to be done in a matter of days.

Confusion in the data, which is unfortunately inevitable due to the human factor.

We are sure that all abovementioned can be a thing of the past.

In our ecosystem, we have implemented conceptual solutions based on digitalization and BigData philosophy.

Implementing the accounting interface, in the cloud of the UTC dispatcher application, we put forward the idea of ​​structuring data based on customer requests and improving statistics by introducing new algorithms.

Today, electronic accounting from UTC-Software is

A separate register (cash book) of non-cash customers, which will allow you to quickly access them

A lot of sorting algorithms: by date, receipt number, payment, corporate identity, availability of health insurance, cashiers, drivers, travel date, money from drivers, completed orders / per day

Information about employees and their performance

Requests for reports on bonuses by dispatchers, which allows you to see the effectiveness of their work on the radar

All information is stored in a database on separate medium, where it is completely duplicated. If necessary, the database can be cleaned or you can configure an individual deleting algorithm. This guarantees complete protection and confidentiality of your data and the data of your customers.


The ecosystem logic from UTC-Software is built as versatile as possible. It does not matter our system what to send: taxi, ambulance or delivery service. The universal features of the program allow to quickly deploy a multidisciplinary data center, without additional payment to a third-party call center. Taxi service, city call service or Delivery Services - all this is easily combined in a single ecosystem.


The time of a businessman is expensive.

Especially for you, we have developed the function of auto-booking. Connect the autobooking function and call the car to your office with the press of just one button. You want to organize a corporate taxi for employees? Autobooking is the perfect solution. Press the button near your desktop (or anywhere else), and the cars automatically receive an order to provide the service for you or your employees.


Does the driver have a medical travel license?

Specify it in his profile. The driver will be able to become a real Hero and help people and get paid for it. The app will instantly accept the call. In 5-7 seconds - the right car will be on its way.
Distances up to 3 kilometers are covered by the client’s medical insurance. Choose the best way and help people.


Marking the driver as a courier

This option will allow him to deliver food from restaurants and water to offices. This does not require a license or a separate registration. Use this solution and organize your water delivery service with a minimum of effort.


Got a shipping order?

Type a few letters of the street you need and the map itself will find it. Set all the necessary details and information and the system will save your new customer for future orders. Press Enter and the system will find the right car and send it to fulfill the order. Thanks to the support of the GSM gateway, communication between the driver and the dispatcher can become permanent. Using a GPS taximeter, you will receive information about the driver’s location, fuel consumption, and the number of kilometers driven. The accounting interface will allow the formation of documents and declarations for the cargo.


The video shows the operation of the ecosystem modules: receiving of orders and control of their implementation, telephony, map service, queue management system, accounting. All processes are automated. The system allows to distribute the processes among multiple monitors, so that the dispatcher will be able to control several processes at a time.

And all this in a single universal ecosystem from UTC-Software.

Everything for the success of your business!
More than just a taxi!