The modern world is actively integrating into the technological digital environment.

Digitalization is gaining momentum, penetrating into our daily life, including the transport and taxi industries.

This fact poses a number of challenges to taxi services.

  • Today it’s not enough just to be a good taxi service and transport people.
  • Today it is necessary to be known by as many people as possible.

“How to achieve this?” – you will ask probably. And we will answer: “Digitalization!” It is not only infrastructure and innovation but also marketing.

What does marketing mean in digital environment?

Website creation and support.

A website is the foundation.

There you talk about yourself, your services and form a business proposal.
A web-site can be a resume of your company and a store of goods and services at the same time.
We will build and maintain your web-site which will present you and your business from the best side.

Promotion on Instagram and other social networks

The web-site is not always enough.

Your web-site might be with the most modern design, but its usefulness will be negligible if people don’t visit it. Therefore, an integral part of marketing is advertising on social networks.
Today, the vast majority of German residents use social networks, where they talk about their purchases, trips and travels and even about using a taxi or a pseudo-taxi (like Uber). They are our potential clients.
Creating a page of your company in social networks, advertising, targeting - these are the tools which we mastered perfectly.
These tools have everything you need to create a wide coverage among people who would be interested in using your service.
We will ensure progress in all areas. Many people will know about you.

Work with search engines. SEO optimization.

In addition to social networks, search engines play an important role.

You must admit that people seldom would go till Google’s 10th page of results, even if they’re looking for something rare. Moreover, they will not go 10 pages in search of a taxi service.
Therefore, you need to make sure that the link to your service is on the first page when someone searches for "taxi köln" or another city.
How can one do that?
First of all, you need to connect advertising. You should also use key words and headings for potential searches. For example, if you insert a heading with the words “Taxi Köln günstig schnell” into the indexation, then your audience will increase by 1.5 times. These and a number of other tools will form high positions in the search ranking and bring you new customers.

PR in the media.

Blog articles on the web-site, organization of briefings, interviews, information lines .

Blog articles on the web-site, organization of briefings, interviews, information lines - all these are integral parts of our success story. And we believe of yours too. We are ready to assist you and take on a set of processes for organizing work with the media.

Video platform.

A full-fledged video channel on Youtube with videos on various topics would be great.

Create a reality show online with your drivers and employees. Create business courses.
All this is also part of your brand. Tell the world about yourself.
Therefore, we offer you help and advice in creating a web-site, video and promotion in social networks.
We want many to know about you and for this we are ready to provide you with comprehensive marketing support from A to Z.


It was mounted in the marketing department of UTC-Software in the spring of 2019, as part of an advertising campaign for Taxi Aktiv, a transportation service from Cologne, with which we have been cooperating since February 2019. The showcase type video was created to promote the company in the digital environment.

Together we will create a story of your success and tell the whole world about it