It gives practical answers to such questions:

  • Who are you in the market?
  • What are you in the market for?
  • What do you offer in the market?

Obviously, the marketing component is also important in the transportation industry. Therefore, UTC-Software has decided to organize offers in this segment too.

This fact poses a number of challenges to taxi services.

We organized a team whose goal is to promote a comprehensive service at the lowest possible price. For little money we will make and promote advertising platforms for your business: starting from creating of your own website, and ending with reaching a leading position in Google search queries.

We will create a brand for you by which you will be recognizable to everyone in your region.

We only work with trusted professionals: be it a designer or a marketer, and each of them has his own rich portfolio. We draw up reports, formulate strategies, demonstrate and tell all its components.

You will witness “live marketing”, the purpose of which is to bring new customers to you and carry out expansion from new niches to new regions.

Each business has its own success story.
But the ultimate goal is the same - to be No. 1 in your niche.
We will do our best for this.

Your success is our success!

What does a comprehensive advertising strategy from UTC-Software consist of? Let's get to know the processes underlying it:

Website creation and support.

Professionally made web-site.

This is a representation of your company on the Internet. A powerful and attractive web site will show that you are set up seriously, and will also provide trust and recognition on the part of customers.

At UTC-Software we created the concept of the web-site and it will cost you free of charge.

We will not take money from you for the design and development of the website.
If you place the website on our hosting, we will not take payment.
If you provide your text content for the website, its creation will be completely free and will be part of the UTC-Software package services.

You can also order copywriting services from us.

The cost of the text in German for the web-site is 7.5 cents / word
The cost of the text in English for the web-site is from 2 to 4 cents / word.
You can also pay for the development of a logo for the website. The approximate cost is 30 €
In addition, you can buy your own domain or use ours - it's completely free.

Thus, you can get a web-site for free if you provide content and post it on our hosting.

What does a comprehensive advertising strategy from UTC-Software consist of? Let's get to know the processes underlying it:

A powerful website is evidence of the serious status of your company.

Package offer for promotion on social networks

Any social network brings together millions of people, among whom are your future customers. Our experts create advertisements and select creative material that will interest your client. Simply a picture can be a pole of attraction. By clicking on it, the user goes either to a post on a social network or to the specific page

We analyze which content can be useful and interesting for the user. We monitor which materials give the greatest response and organize a series of posts with different targeting parameters for a wider reach (for example, we take into account the age differences among users).

For little money - from 2 to 5 € - you will receive customers who really need your services.

The development of digital representations in social networks is paid by a single package at cost. In fact, you only pay for the work of a designer and copywriter. The cost is 200 €.

For greater efficiency, we create and maintain several pages at once in different communities. So, as you know, Facebook is dominated by an audience of 40+, while Instagram is a more youthful social network. It is very important to be represented on both networks, this will increase the number of people who know about you.

Google Business

What is Google Business?

This is what will help to show you at the very beginning of any search query from the client. The client will immediately receive not only the name of your company or website but also contacts for communication and ordering services.


Step 1 – Registration. Before starting a marketing campaign, we’ll register you with Google Business. This allows you to identify your company by the keywords and services that you provide.

Step 2 - Filling out. We fill out the account with content using pictures made for your Instagram or pictures and texts from a blog on the site or on Facebook. So all your advertising websites will be connected in the medium of the largest search engine in the world.
The more content, the better Google will index your profile. Therefore - more users will see your pages.
An important part of the filling are reviews. The more positive reviews about the service, the higher the overall rating.

Step 3 - Becoming a leader. You have unique and memorable content and many positive reviews. This allows you to bring your company to the Top 5 within 3-4 months.


The blog and SEO-promotion.

SEO optimization is a rather complicated but effective tool that will speed up the process of becoming No. 1.

In an SEO environment, things are constantly changing. Both new tools and new opportunities come up every few months. In particular, algorithms are regularly updated in the criteria by which Google determines the position of a site. This variability determines a large number of nuances in the work of a competent and professionally developed SEO specialist.

One of these nuances is associated with the mobile first criterion. How fast does your website load on your smartphone? The higher the speed, the better for the site’s position. Therefore, our engineers use modern technology to make this download instant.

Another nuance: what type of promotion to choose – the black or white one? The correct answer is none of them. With white promotion, it will take about 2 years before your business becomes a leader. And with black promotion based on spam links search robots will stop initializing your site and it will fall down.

Another nuance - Google uses programs for castling websites, that shuffles all resources for keywords every few months. We are ready for this and will return to previous positions in a short time.

We offer another way.

We make a comprehensive and organic promotion that will bring you to the top 5 on key requests related to the services that you provide in your area.

We identify words that are important for your business. From the very beginning, our specialists put structural and lexical elements into the text for SEO optimization. First of all, these are the keywords by which you can be found. In addition, there are many other parameters that will allow the search engine (as well as the client) to better perceive your company.

We create unique pictures and have a creative approach to creating content for Instagram. We also write a text post on Facebook and add it to the blog section of the site. It is also posted on Google Business. So with one post and keywords inside it we are promoting three websites at once.


Google Ads

When a client searches for something on the Internet, he enters a query into Google. An ad is popped up by the keywords of his request.

In order to predict the options for customer requests at your service - there is a whole strategy and a large number of settings associated with it. Knowing these settings will help find your customer, compete successfully and all of this without losing a lot of money.

There are many settings to find the right customer for you, to be successful in the competition and not to lose a lot of money due to not being familiar with the intricacies. UTC-Software offers a component solution for the organic combination of contextual advertising with other processes.

We will make sure that your banner will be displayed on other websites that the client visits, and unnecessary requests will be sorted. You will see how you can catch a client if he closed the tab with your site and remind him of yourself using remarketing

You’ll see that through Google Ads you can advertise your Google Business but it must look attractive and have a lot of satisfied customer reviews.


Without search context advertising, the effect of the promotion will not be what it should be. Working alone can lead to cost overrun. 

You can stand out and be noticed. 

Google Analytics.

It is very interesting tool that will provide you information about the behavior of the client on your site. And, as a result, you will get knowledge of Your strong sides and which sides need to be strengthened.

Assistance in expanding the range of services.

You are sure that your company is ready to deliver products from the supermarket?

We offer to install the appropriate module on the site which will allow the client to choose the goods, send the order to the control room and then offer a driver.
Delivery of products or your customers’ favorite food from restaurants, ibis and cafes. It is possible to connect your office with a restaurant so that the orders will be taken directly. The driver drives up - he is handed out a finished order, which he will immediately deliver to the specified address.
Make delivery more convenient for your customers.

Integration assistance

You need to increase the number of customers to earn more.

Team up with colleagues and become a leader in the city together using solutions such as the exchange and an automatic order exchange system.


It was mounted in the marketing department of UTC-Software in the spring of 2019, as part of an advertising campaign for Taxi Aktiv, a transportation service from Cologne, with which we have been cooperating since February 2019. The showcase type video was created to promote the company in the digital environment.

With the help of a comprehensive strategy developed in UTC-Software that combines the scaling of services and the formation of a digital image of your company, you will be able to ensure a steady increase in the profit of your own company.