The infrastructure of the Central ecosystem includes the following components:

Main and backup computers.

Main and backup computers.

Each PC must have SSD hard drives preferably by Samsung (with a 10 year warranty). The dispatcher’s main PC must include 2 SSD hard disks, and the backup PC and each subsequent workstation of the dispatcher can work on 1 regular hard disk (we recommend SSD). The main PC should always be online, these 2 computers are the place of work of the dispatcher and a guarantee of uninterrupted operation of the service. The central office can be connected to the Internet from several providers at once, which will help avoid the failures and help always be ONLINE.

Computer monitors on the workplace.

Computer monitors on the workplace.

The dispatcher’s computer can have from 1 to 8 monitors. It all depends on your management tasks. We recommend 4 monitors on the main PC (for calls and order management, working with map, monitoring the operation of IP-telephony and SMS service, on-time orders or processed orders); 2 monitors at each next workplace (for reception of orders and their processing and for map). In the central office on the wall there should be a large LCD panel so that you can see the location of cars with status and taximeter in Live mode on the WEB-map. This will allow you to effectively manage and watch all your processes LIVE.

Duplicate IP telephony server.

Duplicate IP telephony server.

The second PC serves as a backup server and has completely the same settings as the main IP telephony server. If the main PC breaks down, you can restore your taxi service in 2 minutes.

Computer for telephony over telephone lines.

Computer for telephony over telephone lines.

Computer for telephony over telephone lines Ubuntu Linux on Asterisk in which software for managing telephone lines Asterisk is installed.

Clone computer for telephony

Clone computer for telephony

Clone computer for telephony, fully configured but turned off. It is used only when the main computer telephony fails. This will allow to restore the operation of the lines in just a minute.



You will need this in order to connect GSM-modems if their number does not fit in a computer for IP-telephony.



For creating a local network. We recommend TP-Link.



For instant switching of local network components



For telephony, we recommend SIPGATE solutions which cost is 17 Euro per 100 incoming lines. For outgoing lines, we recommend an unlimited package from VODAFONE which cost is 16 Euro per one line (for 6 thousand calls a day, 3-4 outgoing lines will be enough for you). There is also a tariff from DEUTSCHE TELEKOM: the cost of the first line is 54€, each next - 16 €. Prices may change, they can be checked with the supplier. Thus, all your expenses will be in control.

 Headset for dispatcher.

Headset for dispatcher.

We recommend using a Plantronics A310 headset for dispatcher. It is the best solution in terms of price / quality ratio

The dispatcher program

The dispatcher program

It works fine on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 operating systems.

Infrastructure assumes the presence of two connection channels


Wired SIP-lines for telephony


Wireless connection using a mobile operator’s SIM cards operating through GSM gateways.

You can install



A remote local network is created through this software. Our support team gets access to the computers of the Center’s network and the ability to quickly respond to interruptions, working 24/7/365.

Equipment for drivers.

A unique application has been developed in UTC-Software for efficient communication of the drivers with the central station, so that they can receive, fulfill orders and get payment easily. For the drivers work you need:

  • any smartphone or tablet running Android OS or iOs version 7 and higher, with A-GPS function or similar global positioning systems (GLONASS, Galileo). Make sure when buying phones that the device has a physical GPS chip;
  • support of wireless Internet connection (minimum 3G / HSDPA, preferably 4G / LTE), with a connected unlimited tariff. The device must be constantly connected to the Internet.


You can send SMS notifications to your customers^

The car has arrived. The price of the trip and the data from the taximeter in the form of a check. A link where you can follow the path of the car from pick-up point to destination (for example, if the child is going to school and parents need control), a link for registering your customers in the mobile App, or any piece of news and information that you want to share with your customers.

We recommend using the Twilio SMS service.


Assistant Global Positioning System (A-GPS) is simply a software that transmits additional data to help you quickly and accurately determine your GPS location. In no case does it replace a physical chip, the software only complements the GPS chip.


Please make sure that each workstation and other components are connected to the LAN via cable. Wireless connections are not perfect.

They are susceptible to interference and have problems when transferring data.


The number of work places is not limited. Two SIM-cards or two unlimited SIP lines are enough for servicing 6 thousand calls a day and for a robot that informs customers.


A huge number of calls during peak hours require analysis and resolution. As a rule, two lines are enough.

In such an economy, the minimum cost of infrastructure for one workplace starts at 290 € - with 2 monitors, with 4 screens - from 600 €

PC for telephony

Computer for telephony – starting at 150 €.

Computer for telephony – starting at 150 €.

For stable operation, we recommend using two PCs, with duplication of information in real time. In case of failure of one, the second is turned on.


USB slot for connecting modems and GSM gateway

The logic of the infrastructure allows to use both new and second hand equipment. Both have their advantages and disadvantages


Environmental factor and economical consumption. For modern electronics environmental requirements are significantly higher.

Modern processors are more productive and ergonomic.

Warranty and service. You can be confident in the high performance of the equipment

Modern design

Higher price, which can be critical when starting a service from scratch

Second hand

Profitable price. You can save 1.5-2 times performing the same tasks.

Second hand PCs are not less reliable compared to new PCs.

The possibility to create a large number of work places within a low budget.

12 months warranty

Higher power consumption.

For clients from Germany.

We recommend proposition from Vodafone — Vodafone GigaCube.

The advantage of GigaCube tariffs is the included data volume of 50-240 Gb., which is offered for a one-time payment, when switching on to the backup Internet, if the main channel is broken. If the GigaCube is not used, there is no need to pay.
If the amount of data for one month is still insufficient, then you can add LTEZoom Speedbuckets:
  • 1 GB for 2.51 €;
  • 5 GB for 8.40 €; 
  • 10 GB for 12.60 €;
  • 25 GB for 21,00 €.

Speedbuckets can be booked through the Vodafone Center when you consume 90% of the monthly included volume. 

An unlimited telephony package costs 54 €, each next one costs 16 € (prices are as of August 2019, the final price may change). For such price, you can call to German mobile and home numbers unlimited amount of times. Vodafone's offer is a backup mobile Internet in case of failure of the main Internet. You only pay when activated in the event of an accident. The rest of the time there is no fee.

One day and your taxi service will be on.

Give us one day and your taxi service will be on. We carry out all installation steps remotely on the appointed day and time. Our experts will set up your taxi service and make it online. Before starting, all dispatchers undergo training at UTC-Campus where thanks to video lessons, they learn everything from A to Z and are able to analyze all possible situations in the taxi service from receiving an order and a commercial offer to a customer complaint. For work it is enough to master even 30% of the functions that we offer. Online training with our specialists is also possible. We need one day and your taxi service, or chauffeur-limousine service will be ONLINE.