Make the ordering process more interactive with the help of the client application from UTC-Software!

The client can easily order a taxi and pay for it using an attached bank card just with a couple of clicks.

The UTC-Software client application is more than a convenient and easy-to-use program for iOS and Android. When developing the application, we were guided by the principle: minimum actions - maximum efficiency.



Increase the number of customers thanks to those who prefer to use a smartphone.



Expand your payment options with the support of bank cards inside the application.



Save on advertising using the promotional code system implemented in the program. The client will advise your service to a friend and receive a bonus, for example, for the next trip.



Encourage your drivers with a rating system. The client will evaluate the driver, and you will always know which drivers work hard, and which are not that good.



Promote the service on Facebook and Instagram. Use all the features of digital marketing.

Get ahead

Get ahead

Get ahead of the competition with the digital capabilities of the UTC Client App.


Driver information

The client will be able to see everything about the driver and his car. The application will load them automatically from the database. The client can also leave a short comment on the order.

Personalization of the application

The client can fill out his own profile and get additional benefits and bonuses.

Linking a car brand to a fare class.

With the client application, anyone can choose the car class he wants. It can be both premium and economical.

integrated cartography

Where is the ordered car located? How many cars are near the pick-up point? Are there any traffic jams or other obstacles? Your client will see all this as on a radar.

Automatic geolocation.

The client opens the application to order a car. The program determines his current coordinates right away.

Built-in tracker

The client will be able to know everything about the route: time, distance, obstacles, cost.

Travel history.

The client can always see how many trips he has made and plan his expenses more efficiently.

Difficult routes.

The application allows to build a difficult route. The client can build a route, immediately see the price and make a decision.

Travel between cities.

The functionality of the application allows to plan and implement long-distance trips.


Nice combination of colors, bright and clear icons which will please the eyes of the clients.

Regular updates.

There will be even more features and benefits with each new version.

Possibility to increase the cost of the trip.

The client can always increase the cost of the trip and thereby reward and motivate the driver.


Application features allow to organize a bonus system for customers and, as a result, save on marketing and increase coverage.

Personal services.

The application provides for the possibility of personal services from a taxi service. Be creative and always be ahead of the competition in the service.



Run the application.

The program automatically determines the coordinates and pulls up the desired address.


Indicate where you need to go.

2. Show on the map, or enter the address manually.


Indicate other wishes.

Select a vehicle class or specific driver.


Wait for the car and travel.

After assigning the driver, the application will show the arrival time of the car. As the car approaches, the client will receive a message and can go out.


To use the client application, a simple registration is asked. The client indicates only his name, city and phone number. He can also enter credit card parameters if he plans to pay by credit card.

With registration, a number of advantages will be available to him:

Travel history saved.

He will see how many trips he made and plan his expenses more efficiently.


The client can mark places on the map where he regularly visits. This will significantly save time when ordering.

Choosing the desired class of car.

Take a ride in comfort or save money? Now the client will be able to decide for himself.

Setting a geomarker to the home address.

The program will make it the default departure point.


Add the brand logo of your service to the App.

Add the brand logo of your service to the App.

Change the color themes of the application as you wish.

Get orders statistics.

Get orders statistics.

Get orders statistics from the client application in just a couple of clicks. You will be able to see the number of customers, process their reviews, analyze driver ratings;

Think up and implement

Think up and implement

Think up and implement promotions without additional effort and expense.

Deliver food to customers

Deliver food to customers

Set up a food delivery service. Add the Gastro-taxi section to the client’s app, connect the restaurants and cafes with which you work, and start the courier delivery of food. Develop new areas of business with just one app.

All this will be made thanks to the Administrator Panel

The powerful, progressive tool which will allow you to configure the client application based on the needs and objectives of your service.

Thanks to the digital approach, we, at UTC-Software, were able to make the ordering process more interactive.

You will know exactly what the client wants. The client will be sure of the quality of the order.

Mutual understanding is the key to growth and prosperity.