Do you grow, develop and hit the ceiling? Do you have a large number of cars?

You can do more!

Want to run several taxi services?

Or even start operating in other cities?

By installing a set of programs, you can:

Work with different sectors and geographical zones, quickly switching between them

Ensure stable operation even at peak loads

Increase order processing by 7 times compared to the current level

Improve your work reducing management costs by automating the service

Unite 5-6 large cities in a single information exchange center. Disponents can instantly switch between different geographical zones

With the help of our mathematics, you can effectively plan and distribute the work between your employees, regardless of their number.

The software package from UTC-Software means:


24/7/365 support and prompt problem solving.


5 in 1 kit: server, dispatcher application, driver application, client application, robot


The opportunity for a customer to pre-order a taxi for a specific time.

Just in 4 weeks you will notice how your business grows!

Shift to the software package from UTC-Software
And develop your success story!